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Copywriting Portfolio

With a poet’s eye for detail and concision and a scholar’s self-motivated dedication to task completion, I have over 10 years of professional experience developing and producing effective, emotionally-driven pieces of communication for print and digital media. Here are a few examples.

Title: Financial Wellness Is Personal Wellness: A Closer Look at the EAP Financial Wellness Model

Type: White Paper (Finance)

Work: Blog Post

Word Count: 575

Title: What Long COVID-19 Means for Return-to-Work Plans: Supporting Employees on the Long Road to Recovery

Type: White Paper (Insurance)

Work: Intranet Blog Post

Word Count: 735

Title: Introducing the Roman Collection

Type: Instagram Post

Work: Social Media

Title: Engagement Pulse Survey Results

Type: Corporate Communications

Work: E-mail Campaign

Title: Morton Grove Supply: Family Ties and the Pipeline to Success

Type: Feature Article

Work: Print

Word Count: 1,369

Title: Major League Baseball slides into a new home, Sundays on Peacock

Type: Watch Guide (Sports)

Work: Blog Post

Word Count: 500

Title: UWM’s Eat Local :: Read Local Announces New Community Partners

Type: Press Release

Work: Digital Media

Word Count: 237

Title: Layla + UGC partner

Type: Instagram Post

Work: Social Media

Title: Recognition Toolkit for Leaders 

Type: Corporate Communications

Work: E-Toolkit

Title: Sunset Playhouse’s Wait Until Dark is a vision of simmering noir mystery 

Type: Theatrical Review

Work: Blog Post

Word Count: 309

Title: Getting Up to Speed

Type: B2B Collateral

Work: Print

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