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creative writing sample lesson

The following lesson is called "Imagining the Lemon" and leads students in the exploration of sensory detail to help imbue their creative works with richer imagery. By first engaging their own sensory perceptions apart from writing and instead in the physical realm, students may begin the writing prompt primed with a deeper understanding of the suggestive power of sensory details. This lesson also introduces the concept of synesthesia to students, situating the phenomenon in the physicality of real world experiences while also demonstrating it as a tool for creative exploration.

composition sample lesson

Learning how to be a good researcher helps to ensure students come to the process of writing aware of biases, primed to seek truths substantiated by expertise, while also emboldening them to embrace their curiosity and engage more deeply and meaningfully with their sources.  However, sometimes these lofty-seeming goals seem out of grasp for unpracticed students. This lesson, "Virtual Vacation Travelogue" asks students to immerse themselves into an unfamiliar location, by way of Google Earth and common search engines, and create a portrait of a location using practical and imaginative skills. By incorporating a multimodal approach to an otherwise mundane set of practices, students are presented with the opportunity to produce a piece of researched text that has cultivated their inquiry and a personal investment.

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