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literary services

Magic happens at the sentence level and line editing clears its path. With this kind of editing, work is done word by word, sentence by sentence to remove inconsistencies and errors and revise interruptions to your voice, tone, and style.


Often, this means revising repetitions, offering suggestions for rephrasing and refinement of ideas, and addressing any issues with clarity and flow by cleaning up syntax. After that, it’s down to fixing punctuation, usage, spelling, and grammar, and capitalization

Crossing your t's and dotting your i's is about more than convention— thorough editing eliminates mistakes, exposes inconsistencies and puts the focus on audience.


Different writing projects need different levels of assistance. Big-picture, structural editing takes stock of the overall shape of your manuscript and provides detailed, context-specific suggestions and guiding questions for revision as well as yielding detailed notes on the style, tone, clarity, and organization. 


This kind of developmental editing is often necessary for writers to move beyond their manuscript’s initial drafts, whether poem, novel, memoir, personal essay or short story. Consultancy provides writers with close readings and assessment of their submitted manuscript,


Editing can fix plenty of errors, but it can’t fix fundamental, systemic flaws. Honest insight and unbiased guidance are imperative to helping you see the bigger picture manuscript’s unique needs for revision.

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